The Rise of Technology In Planning And Execution Of Bigger Construction Scenarios

The Rise of Technology In Planning And Execution Of Bigger Construction Scenarios

In a rapidly evolving world replete with innovative technology, construction is one area seeing constant improvement.  New and innovative methods are being introduced every day, rendering the older ones obsolete.

Waiting for months and months on end for a building to be completed won’t be the norm anymore. With the recent rush of technologies such as 3D scanning, it’s now possible to create detailed virtual imagery, which makes planning and execution of a project much easier and swifter.

Thanks to these computer simulations and the introduction of robotics, the construction industry has seen a significant reduction in the implementation phase of many projects, along with higher rates of accuracy from planning to the end result. 

The Rise of Technology In Planning And Execution Of Bigger Construction Scenarios

That being said, taking massive construction projects from a concept to reality isn’t easy even for the experts. Each new project calls for innovation and creativity. There are huge projects, with the potential to change how the industry will position itself in the future.

Take the example of Google’s $1 billion New York expansion plan, which includes a Manhattan campus, called the Google Hudson Square. It is projects like these that serve as the real game-changers.

Years of design and planning and utilization of the latest technology is necessary when materializing such a complex and far-reaching construction. With the scale and scope of the project, Google’s NY expansion has the potential to change the face of construction sector for the city. With Google resources and ambition, it’s even safe to say it might change construction norms across the entire world. 

But as the Chief Construction Engineer and Planner for the project puts it, a lot of issues might need detailed attention. So much so that ignoring even the minor issues could affect the entire project manifold and with irreversible implications.

He posts that a construction project is only as successful as its planning, even in minute details, like choosing the perfect washer. Even though there are great third party service providers, including the domestic stainless flat washer manufacturer  Superior Washer which takes care of the tiny details, the execution depends entirely on how well-planned the project is.

Despite excessive planning, unexpected delays may be caused due to unpredictable issues like severe weather. But with improvements in technology, the delays may be foreseen and taken care of. With the use of robotics, problems like the absence of sufficiently qualified workers may also be tackled.

An overwhelming majority of construction professionals recognize the increasing role of technology in the future.  There are still those who refuse to commit their time or money, while others would only suffice with sporadic investments, hoping to see the results by using technology just for the sake of it.

However, it is important to understand that better outcomes can only be achieved by identifying individual applications and devices to suit the planning of large-scale construction.