Avoiding Scams Online

Avoiding Scams Online

Dealing with scams online can be frustrating. When it comes to dealing with your finances, this is even more excruciating, as some of your financial independence will likely rely on how you handle your funds online. Here are some tips to avoid scams, and ensure that you are putting your money in the right places.

Scammers immediately try to assume control

Scammers try to take control of the conversation or hook you in with a message/email to have power over the outcome. Without that control, they can do nothing to you. Take your time and review the information being presented to you, and do it from an outside perspective if possible.

If you aren’t expecting, don’t give personal information

Never give out your personal information if you aren’t expecting to. There are very few formats where it’s necessary you immediately use your personal information for a call or update you weren’t prepared for.

This is also a great way to get a friend or outside party involved. Repeat back the information they are asking for to a friend to see if it makes sense to them. Often enough, in that brief information sharing, you are able to jointly come to …

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Taking Care of Business Today

Taking Care of Business Today

Taking care of business today is a vital part of preparing yourself for a career in the business world. Business Today is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Steve Forbes in 1968. Its mission is to bridge the gap between influential business leaders and top undergraduate students by creating a dynamic forum for these two groups of students. This event provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse group of speakers and panelists. The conference also offers plenty of networking opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in business.

Impact Challenge

The annual Business Today Impact Challenge provides seed funding for social entrepreneurs and aims to foster the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Business Today also encourages undergraduates to participate in the challenge, and has previously hosted a series of student panels and workshops on social entrepreneurship. Selected teams receive mentorship from leading business executives, and the competition ends with the grand prize of $15,000 in seed funding. Listed below are the winners of this year’s competition.

The Impact Challenge is a three-day conference that aims to foster collaboration and innovation among undergraduate students. Students attending the event must be undergraduates and be available for all three …

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Three Ways to Promote Your Business in a Small Business Trends Magazine

Three Ways to Promote Your Business in a Small Business Trends Magazine

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your small business, you might want to consider signing up for a subscription to Small Business Trends magazine. This new print format has changed how small business owners consume content. It is more mobile-friendly and similar to digital content collections. This is good news for small business owners. Keeping up with technology is essential to stay competitive. Listed below are three ways to promote your business through a magazine subscription.

Profitability edition

Profitability is a crucial component of a small business, and this edition focuses on maximizing profitability. The Profitability edition covers topics pertaining to small businesses, including emerging technologies, marketing strategies, and the latest in business trends. It is particularly useful for health-care business owners and investors. Creative entrepreneurs will find valuable information in the Creative Boom magazine, which showcases the best creative professionals and provides business advice tailored to the specific needs of creatives.

Influencer marketing

It is no surprise that there are a lot of ways to use influencer marketing for your business. Whether it’s on social media or in person, you can make it work to promote your brand. The most important element of influencer marketing is …

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Stock Market News Today

Stock Market News Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained ground after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Nvidia and AMD are among best-of-breed growth stocks. Occidental delivered solid quarterly earnings and is looking to improve operational efficiencies. Powell’s testimony is expected to be closely watched on Wall Street. A broader perspective on today’s market is available in this piece. Read on to learn more about some of the biggest stories on Wall Street.

Dow Jones Industrial Average surged after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sent global markets into a tailspin, as investors are trying to gauge the impact of the conflict on commodity prices. The Russian invasion is likely to further raise concerns about the long-term prospects of inflation and stagnant growth. Moreover, investors are keeping a close eye on Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s testimony this week. If he is correct, investors will be able to judge the impact of the conflict on domestic monetary policy.

Nvidia and AMD are best-of-breed growth stocks

Both AMD and NVIDIA are well diversified and have partnerships with market leaders in several high-growth markets, such as the connected car and AI applications. AMD, meanwhile, is chasing NVIDIA into many of these same growth markets, …

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The Best Business News Websites

The Best Business News Websites

If you are in the business of selling goods and services, then business news is an essential tool for you. You can gain valuable insights on your industry and market and stay ahead of your competitors with the latest business news. The internet is becoming more important as people rely on it for everything from entertainment to information. In fact, research has shown that the number of online shoppers is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2020. To stay ahead of your competitors, business news is essential.


Despite its popular nature, CNBC has a number of issues that could make it hard to be considered one of the best business news websites. Although it does feature a number of well- known personalities, its primary focus remains the economy. While Yahoo Finance has been the most popular business news website for years, CNBC has also made a strong effort to stay relevant with the fast-changing global economy. It has an audience of over 115 million people per month, which has boosted its presence as one of the best business news websites on the Internet.


For over a century, the Forbes business news website has been gathering the world’s most …

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