Taking Care of Business Today

Taking Care of Business Today

Taking care of business today is a vital part of preparing yourself for a career in the business world. Business Today is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Steve Forbes in 1968. Its mission is to bridge the gap between influential business leaders and top undergraduate students by creating a dynamic forum for these two groups of students. This event provides an opportunity to learn from a diverse group of speakers and panelists. The conference also offers plenty of networking opportunities for those who wish to pursue a career in business.

Impact Challenge

The annual Business Today Impact Challenge provides seed funding for social entrepreneurs and aims to foster the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Business Today also encourages undergraduates to participate in the challenge, and has previously hosted a series of student panels and workshops on social entrepreneurship. Selected teams receive mentorship from leading business executives, and the competition ends with the grand prize of $15,000 in seed funding. Listed below are the winners of this year’s competition.

The Impact Challenge is a three-day conference that aims to foster collaboration and innovation among undergraduate students. Students attending the event must be undergraduates and be available for all three days of the conference. The competition is open to social entrepreneurs across the globe, and teams should be comprised of one to five undergraduate students. The team must already have a prototype of their project to compete. The top five teams will receive a month’s worth of mentoring from leading business executives and compete for $15,000 in seed funding.

Boost Leadership Series

The Boost Leadership Series at Business Today conference provides an opportunity for students to engage with renowned leaders and gain valuable insights about the business world. This event also offers networking and mentoring opportunities for students. The Boost Summer Journalism Fellowship, which takes place each year, allows Black Princeton students to interview Black business leaders and executives. Students apply to participate in the program, and nine are selected from each class year. After the interviews, they’ll present the findings in a special report, which will be distributed to conference attendees.

International Conference

The International Business Today Conference is an annual event that pairs top undergraduate students with business executives and leaders of tomorrow. Held in New York City, the event is held in person from December 12th to 14th. Students can network with these business leaders and attend the conference’s executive seminars. Speakers at this year’s conference include the CEO of Hermes, and the Co-Chairman of Guggenheim Securities. You can learn more about the conference by visiting the website.

For attendees interested in social entrepreneurship, this event offers the opportunity to network with people in various industries and learn more about the latest trends. It also allows you to meet with executives of companies and institutions to discuss the conference’s theme or personal interests. Afterward, you can discuss what you’ve learned with them and get the most out of this networking opportunity. The event is organized annually by the College of Business and Management at Northeastern University.

Taking Care of Business Today

The Taking Care of Business Conference is an annual event put on by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (IABI). The objective of this event is to bring together business leaders and academics to develop and strengthen the state’s economy. Among the speakers will be Sheryl Connelly, the in-house futurist of the Ford Motor Company. She studies and predicts global consumer trends to guide corporate strategy and long-term planning.