Renting Event Venues for Office Meetings, Why Not?

Renting Event Venues for Office Meetings, Why Not?

Almost every company always holds a meeting in their office, always almost in the same meeting room. Holding a meeting in their own office building is indeed more practical and saving time. However, occasional meetings also need to be held outside the office such as renting family dining in Helensburgh as a meeting place. The following are reasons why meetings need to be held outside the office.

1.   Grow Up Creative Ideas and Solutions

Renting Event Venues for Office Meetings, Why Not?

One of the things that can inhibit creativity is to do the same thing in the same space repeatedly. So holding a meeting in the same room many times will make the meeting participants feel bored and unable to think creatively and finding new solutions. If you don’t want to happen, keep your employees and colleagues away from the narrow and walled white conference room.

But when the meeting is conducted, of course, the meeting participants cannot move from their seats to refresh their minds so the solutions are to hold meetings outside the office. Holding meetings at the venue will help them to think creatively, find solutions and create new ideas.

2. Increase Focus and Productivity

Neatly lined computers, tables that filled with stacks of files, and faint sounds from office mates who having phone calls are the atmosphere you always get in the office. The other view you can pay attention to get rid of that boredom is the highway that you can only stare through the office window.

An office environment that is just like that certainly makes you feel bored. When your boredom has not been free, and you have to enter that meeting room again, your boredom will increases. If you have this, of course, you can not focus when attending meetings and your productivity will be hampered.

However, it will not happen if the meeting is held in another place outside the office that refreshed, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Conducting meetings in a new environment will not only maintain your focus and productivity but will also increase it. In UK there was a survey of several office employees about meetings in the office as well as at the venue, 63% of survey participants claimed that they became more focused and enthusiastic when meetings were held outside the office.

3. Get More Complete Access

If you hold a meeting or company party outside the office, what you get is not just an event venue. A lot of event spaces offer the latest technologies and better facilities compared to corporate offices. More sophisticated technology and complete facilities allow you to find the meeting needs.

Perhaps the technology in your office meeting room currently has quite sophisticated technology, but does the meeting room have adequate facilities? Holding a meeting at an event venue that has more complete facilities than your office will make employees more diligent in making presentations through these facilities. They will present their work in the most creative form possible with the facilities in the event space.

The more interesting …

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How are Mutual Fund Investments Taxed?

How are Mutual Fund Investments Taxed?

There are many ways of investing money in the capital market. One way is to place your money in mutual funds. Mutual fund investors receive dividends on the fund units that they hold. They may also earn a profit when the value of their holdings appreciates, leading to capital gains. The difference between your initial buying price and your selling price is your capital gain.

There are two categories of capital gains based on how long you stay invested: short-term capital gains (STCG) and long-term capital gains (LTCG). Both of these categories are taxable. The mutual fund tax rates are determined by the type of fund and the holding duration. When it comes to equities, a holding period of less than a year is short term and that exceeding a year is long term. In case of debt funds, a holding duration of up to three years is considered short term, whereas durations beyond three years are long term.

Mutual fund tax on capital gains

Let’s look at the tax rates for capital gains from mutual funds. India imposes different taxes for equity and debt funds.

Equity funds:

STCG is taxable at 15%.

LTCG of up to Rs 1 lakh is tax-free. Any LTCG beyond the Rs 1 lakh exemption attracts a 10% tax rate.

Debt funds:

STCG is counted as part of the investor’s total taxable income. You are taxed according to the relevant income tax slab.

LTCG is taxed at 20% after indexation.

Calculating indexed acquisition cost

What is indexation? It factors in inflation when calculating the acquisition cost. The cost of acquisition of units is adjusted according to the Cost Inflation Index (CII). Hereis the formula:

Indexed Cost of Acquisition (ICoA) = Purchase Price x (CII of Year of Sale or Purchase)

Once you factor in the ICoA, the overall cost of acquisition increases. This brings down your capital gains and, in turn, your tax liability.

How to manage mutual funds tax

  • Before investing, carry out a proper qualitative and quantitative product assessment. This may help you to avoid putting your money in unsuitable funds. You will also not be forced to suddenly exit from a scheme and, thus, attract a tax liability. If required, consult a tax professional to clear any doubts.
  • Avoid frequent and sporadic buying and selling of debt fund units. Calculate the tax implications before transferring from debt to equity funds or vice versa. You are taxed each time you redeem a unit. Keep a long-term goal in mind to maximise potential returns and minimise liabilities.
  • Plan your investment portfolio and redemption to benefit from the LTCG exemption limit for equity funds. Remember that the maximum exemption for equity funds LTCG is Rs 1 lakh.  
  • Build your portfolio based on clear short-term and long-term financial objectives. If a particular fund is not performing accordingly, sell it. Move your money into investments with better potential.


You can create wealth by investing in mutual funds. India has a taxation system that you … READ MORE ..

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Crucial Facts in Relation to SEO

Crucial Facts in Relation to SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an internet marketing technique which is used in order to help boost the ranking of a website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. To do this technique, the owners of the website need to learn the way exactly the engines of search works. They also need to find out what people are looking for when they browse the internet. It is widely known that most of the exploration engines use robots to search for the data. This means that the robots in engines of search looking for the most relevant and updated thing related to the keyword. Therefore, optimization is needed to display the website on the first page of engines of search.

Types and Benefits of SEO

Search engine optimization or also known as SEO is divided into some types or categories. If the owners of the sites found out that the browser engine rankings are determined by the content of the sites, it takes just a little whole to start boosting the rank. There are several tactics or techniques of optimization used by website owners. For example, they may use the keyword stuffing technique in order to manipulate the robots to get higher rankings. As a matter of fact, the proper technique of search engine optimization uses the appropriate tools such as informative content, keyword research, and also white hat strategies (the use of links).

It seems to be beneficial for people who run business on internet. It is because when the optimization for exploration engine is used properly, it has so many benefits. The most obvious benefits can be got from search optimization is that it’s free advertising. Other than that, if you can practice your SEO technique, you can do this technique on your own without hiring certain provider. Website owners can enjoy receiving more visitors to their websites since the sites appear on top ranks in search result. As a result, the more visitors, the more potential customers for your business.

More Info about SEO

SEO is not as that easy as it seems because to do this technique you should learn everything deeply, and you may also be required to attend certain training to be able to do the technique. In order to make the exploration engine robots find your website, the content of your site should be search friendly. This means that the content on your site must be informative for the visitors. To do the technique, you also need to research the keywords that people are looking for. Overall, to do this technique is certainly tricky.

As a result, since it is a bit tricky to do certain technique on your own, you can simply hire a professional to administer their strategies of search engine optimization. There are so many companies focusing on exploration engine advertising available on the internet. However, you need to choose the most reliable one in order to get the better result. You need to keep in … READ MORE ..

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How SEO Research and Link Building Can Get Local Businesses on the First Page of Google

How SEO Research and Link Building Can Get Local Businesses on the First Page of Google

If you want your local business website to rank well in your local area, you will want to read this article all the way through, to fully understand how SEO (search engine optimization) research and link building can get local business on the first page of Google, and how it can help your business.

Research: Before you do anything else it is important to find the best keywords for your local business; you are looking for the words that people would type into the search engine search bar in order to find your business.

This can be done by using the free keyword tool that Google provides for its AdWords customers use, so you will need to sign up for an AdWords account with Google.

When you have done this, put a seed word into where it tells you to put your keywords, so if you have a window company you would type in the word windows, and the keyword tool will return several suggestions, such as aluminium windows and doors, UPVC windows and doors, window sills, as well as many others.

Google will also give you an idea if the amount of searches made for each term and how much competition the term has, as well as the cost per click for an AdWords campaign.

With this information you can start to get an idea of the best words or phrases to use for your local business, you are looking for a word or phrase that has a lot of searches but not too much competition, if it has very little competition this could mean that people are not spending on that word, and are only looking for free information, this can be checked by seeing if your competitors are spending on an AdWords campaign, if they are then this word should be O.K. to use.

Once you are happy with your chosen keyword phrases then you can purchase a Domain name, based on the chosen phrase, and start to build your website using the words and phrases that you have found.

Many people spend a lot of money having a website made, by a company specialising in website design, you will need to make sure that the company knows what they are doing, as most of them do not know much, if anything at all about search engine optimization, so many websites do not appear in the search results, because the search engine spiders cannot understand what the website is about, you will need to find someone who understands on page optimization.

When you are happy with your website or blog, it is time to start the off page optimization process this is done by writing original and informative articles about your niche or profession, using some of your keywords in the title and content to promote it, but do use your keywords too often about 5% of the content would be about right.

Be very careful to not make your article sound like an advert for your … READ MORE ..

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Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

Rarely does owning a two-wheeler be as ego-boosting or pride instilling as owning a Royal Enfield. You know the feeling exactly because you have one! You also know the kind of attention it brings you and the sense of superiority it lends as you drive your Enfield on the roads; it is almost like a statement you’re making through sheer personality! We know your Royal Enfield is a highly prized possession for you and also surely know that you would want the best for it. We understand that owners of such luxurious vehicles are susceptible to unjustifiably higher quotes of insurance premiums under the pretext of the brand value. We do not wish that you be discouraged by unwarranted and high insurance policy quotes. Therefore, we bring to you tips to arrive at legitimately rationalized insurance quotes for your royal enfield. Read them all.

1. Higher policy tenure to lower the premium value

It would be wiser to increase your budget and have a longer policy tenure. In doing so you will not only be avoiding the hassle of having to renew your insurance frequently, but also you will have a reduced amount of premium. Longer duration policy covers result in lower premium values.

2. Lower the risk with security features

When you get security features such as anti-theft, vandalism, and so on; you are lowering the perceived risk of your bike by covering it against any incidental damages. Insurance providers offer discounted rates of premiums in such cases. Make sure that the security features you wish to install on your royal enfield is approved by the Automotive Research Association of India.

3. Rationalize your add-ons

Add-ons are additional protection features you add to your insurance policy – such as getting another frequent user of your bike included in the cover, road-side assistance, depreciation, return-to-invoice, etc. Think over the necessity of these add-ons very critically before you choose to add them to your insurance basket; they come at a price and increase the value of premium to be paid.

4. Get a Depreciation cover

It is wise to invest in a Depreciation cover that saves you the depreciation cost on the repair and replacement expenses of the components of your expensive Royal Enfield.

5. Present yourself as a low-risk

Maintaining a positive driving record, one with minimal or no records of fines and previous accidental claim incidences, presents you as a low-risk customer to the insurance provider. Insurance providers offer attractive quotes to such low-risk customers..

6. Insulate your NCB benefit for the possibility of an inevitable claim

Avoiding making claims for superficial issues such as small scratches or minor damages in the hope of redeeming the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) may be relatively easier for other bikes; but let’s not take chances with your Royal Enfield. It would be wise if you can insulate your NCB with an NCB protector – an add-on you can purchase at a nominal rate. It will protect your NCB benefit in case you need … READ MORE ..

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