Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

Rarely does owning a two-wheeler be as ego-boosting or pride instilling as owning a Royal Enfield. You know the feeling exactly because you have one! You also know the kind of attention it brings you and the sense of superiority it lends as you drive your Enfield on the roads; it is almost like a statement you’re making through sheer personality! We know your Royal Enfield is a highly prized possession for you and also surely know that you would want the best for it. We understand that owners of such luxurious vehicles are susceptible to unjustifiably higher quotes of insurance premiums under the pretext of the brand value. We do not wish that you be discouraged by unwarranted and high insurance policy quotes. Therefore, we bring to you tips to arrive at legitimately rationalized insurance quotes for your royal enfield. Read them all.

Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

1. Higher policy tenure to lower the premium value

It would be wiser to increase your budget and have a longer policy tenure. In doing so you will not only be avoiding the hassle of having to renew your insurance frequently, but also you will have a reduced amount of premium. Longer duration policy covers result in lower premium values.

2. Lower the risk with security features

When you get security features such as anti-theft, vandalism, and so on; you are lowering the perceived risk of your bike by covering it against any incidental damages. Insurance providers offer discounted rates of premiums in such cases. Make sure that the security features you wish to install on your royal enfield is approved by the Automotive Research Association of India.

3. Rationalize your add-ons

Add-ons are additional protection features you add to your insurance policy – such as getting another frequent user of your bike included in the cover, road-side assistance, depreciation, return-to-invoice, etc. Think over the necessity of these add-ons very critically before you choose to add them to your insurance basket; they come at a price and increase the value of premium to be paid.

4. Get a Depreciation cover

It is wise to invest in a Depreciation cover that saves you the depreciation cost on the repair and replacement expenses of the components of your expensive Royal Enfield.

5. Present yourself as a low-risk

Maintaining a positive driving record, one with minimal or no records of fines and previous accidental claim incidences, presents you as a low-risk customer to the insurance provider. Insurance providers offer attractive quotes to such low-risk customers..

6. Insulate your NCB benefit for the possibility of an inevitable claim

Avoiding making claims for superficial issues such as small scratches or minor damages in the hope of redeeming the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) may be relatively easier for other bikes; but let’s not take chances with your Royal Enfield. It would be wise if you can insulate your NCB with an NCB protector – an add-on you can purchase at a nominal rate. It will protect your NCB benefit in case you need … READ MORE ..

Basic Steps to Internet Marketing

Basic Steps to Internet Marketing

People across the globe have started identifying internet marketing as one of the best ways of reaching out to the public and experts do believe that it is the easiest way for the masses to reach someone or something if they want to avail a service or any such kind of thing. With the advancement of technology people have started looking over the internet for even small solutions of their everyday life and thus you would certainly not want to miss out on the business. Marketing a product this way, makes more sense in the long run.

Thus by this time you have understood the need of Marketing your services and tools over the net however you must understand how to catch people’s attention as that is what can fetch you exactly what you are looking for. Some of the basic techniques are listed alongside and thus keeping reading for all the information.

The first and the foremost thing that you would want to do is to control the web traffic and thus you would have to find out keywords that relate to your service or product. For this you would actually have to put yourself into the shoes of a common layman and you would strike the answers only then. Always remember that there is no shortcut to success and thus you would have to keep playing the words.

Secondly, you would have to see to it that these keywords find place in all your works and that everything is written in easiest of ways so that people can actually understand it. Make sure that the keywords are present in the beginning, at the end and also a couple of times depending upon the length of the article. You can actually incorporate the same keywords even in the page title, H1 headline, Meta description, URL etc. All these would definitely help you in drawing other’s attention.

Lastly you can work upon building the link. It would be great if people can find you easily and thus make sure your links are available everywhere and that people are guided to your homepage easily.

All these things indeed make internet marketing a huge help as it helps in building sales and brand building. This is a way of making your presence felt and hence believe it or not with so many people surfing the net every minute you are sure to achieve what you set out for.… READ MORE ..

QR Codes: A Great New Marketing Technology

QR Codes: A Great New Marketing Technology

If you are always looking for creative ways to promote your business, there is a great new technology called QR codes that you need to know about! A QR code is a barcode that you can scan with an app on your Smartphone. The scanned barcode contains some sort of hidden content, either a text message, website URL or phone number. The QR actually stands for “quick response”, as it enables someone to access and execute the content stored in the barcode on the fly. Using QR codes is a fun way to engage your audience and it shows that your business is cutting edge.

A Few Simple Ways To Use QR codes:

  • Add them to your business cards with more information that won’t fit on such a small space.
  • Add them to product packaging to promote your website or direct them to product support.
  • Help people find your business by using a one with a link to your location on Google maps.
  • Use a them as a coupon. The user can scan it to reveal a discount code.
  • Place a them on your website with your email address or phone number.
  • Put them on all your business paraphernalia and swag.

How do I create a QR Code?

Creating a QR Code is very simple. There are several websites that allow you to very easily generate one. I used Kaywa. It provides a form where you choose the type of content (either a website URL, text, phone number or SMS) then enter the corresponding information and click generate. Literally there is nothing to it. Your newly generated QR code magically appears to the left, where you can then left click or ctrl click (Mac) to save it to your computer. From there the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

How Do I Read A QR Code On My Smartphone?

You need to add an application on your phone in order scan QR codes. Just access your app store and search “QR code.” I have an iPhone and I had several apps to choose from. Some were free but I decided to pay the whole $1.99 for quiQR because it received higher ratings. The quiQR app will both scan and generate QR codes. To scan a new QR code just click “scan QR code” then center it in the box, when it is lined up properly it will scan the code automatically. If a website URL is stored in the code, it will bring up your browser and go to the website entered. If it’s a phone number is stored in the code it will dial the number. Obviously there will be differences depending on the app you choose and the operating system on your phone, but this basically shows how easy they are to use.… READ MORE ..

Small Business Marketing Strategies – Mobile Marketing Trends That Thrive On New Age Lifestyles

Small Business Marketing Strategies - Mobile Marketing Trends That Thrive On New Age Lifestyles

With the advent of smart phone at the end of 2009, nearly every aspect of our lifestyles is affected by the little handy device called the cell phone, fortunately very often in more positive ways than not. Indeed, tapping on mobile marketing trends and incorporating them into your small business marketing strategies can give rise to enhancing your business bottom line.

Our modern lifestyles have enabled us much greater mobility with the help of mobile technology which have impacted many facets of our lives. In fact, this aspect alone has impacted our daily lives to so a great extent and so much more is happening on a daily basis that it is difficult to keep up with, even for most marketers.

Mobile Social Media – A Political Tool That Has Proven Very Fruitful

The then Senator Barack Obama tapped on the younger Americans who seemed to be perpetually on their cell phones via Facebook and Twitter as well as using text messaging to spread and communicate his ideas, political aspirations and create a never-before bonding between the masses and the then presidential candidate.

While that was the first most concerted effort by a high profile politician to use social media in tandem with mobile marketing technology so extensively, we can be sure to see much more of such activities in future within the political arena. Providing political communications a new and exciting avenue of expression will take greater shape over coming decade.

Enhancing Business And Work Efficiency

As it has been for a long time since the debut of the laptop, business meetings have taken a strong virtual presence, what with video conferencing saving you time, money and giving rise to greater efficiency at the work place. Nowadays, multi-way mobile conferencing has become the norm for many businesses. Group sms-ing are made easy with robust mobile technology and we no longer need to be strapped down at our work station with the desktop or laptop. In fact, a simple cell phone in hand is all you need.

Eh… What is Mobile A&P again please?

Mobile advertising or what I would term as Mobile A&P has begun to infiltrate our lives without us even realizing it. We could literally take a walk along a busy street and when we are less than 50 meters from any Starbucks, our mobile will automatically beep and prompt us of a 50 percent discount on its new cranberry caramel flavored coffee. Thanks to the GPS in your smart phone, location based marketing has taken off in a small but successful way.

Goldmine Uncovered – Tapping on The Right Target Audience for Mobile Marketing

Cell phone penetration is about 1 billion out of the entire Chinese population which is the greatest emerging market for mobile marketing is Asia. This is only one emerging country amongst the many, according to Wikipedia statistics, with more than 100 percent cell phone penetration per population in key countries like Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Chile, Malaysia, … READ MORE ..

Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked

Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked
Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked

Suzuki Launches GSX 125 Full Fairing and Naked – To penetrate the global automotive market, Suzuki, which coincided with European motorbike exhibitions in Europe 2016, finally launched the new GSX-R125 fairing version and the naked version of the GSX-S125. Previously, Suzuki had displayed both models at the beginning of last year, through yesterday’s Intermot event. Suzuki claims that the GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 are the thinnest 125 CC motors in its class. When this is present in the Suzuki GSX-S125 Wheels Motorcycles variant at an affordable price. You can bring home the Suzuki GSX-S125 with a price range of £ 3.995. What are you waiting for, immediately buy the Suzuki GSX-S125 only in Wheels Motorcycles

It was also reported that the Suzuki New GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 were present and were equipped with a 124.4 CC engine, a four-cylinder valve, and a DOHC type. Suzuki offers strength to weight ratio and torque to weight ratio, to create acceleration and best-in-class fuel economy. The front brake is inhabited by two pistons and a petal disc. Suzuki also pinned ABS and conventional front suspension.

In this case, Suzuki offers a motorcycle with three body color choices for both, such as metallic blue triton, brilliant white, and deep black. This motorcycle has keyless ignition, a fully digital speedometer, and LED lights. More detailed information about specifications will soon be released by Suzuki.

On the other hand, the presence of the Suzuki GSX R125 and GSX S125 will certainly strengthen competition among manufacturers that play 125cc motorized sport motorcycles. One of the closest opponents of the two that was also recently launched at Intermot is Aprilia Tuono 125 and RS125. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is also equipped with a 124 cc engine, DOHC, and one four-stroke cylinder.

By adopting the Aprilia Tuono 1100, Tuno 125 is known to rely on aluminum chassis and disc braking system which has a diameter of 300 mm in the front wheels and 220 mm in the rear wheels. Enhancements include a USB port and storage space.… READ MORE ..