Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

Tips to Get the Best Quotes for Royal Enfield insurance

Rarely does owning a two-wheeler be as ego-boosting or pride instilling as owning a Royal Enfield. You know the feeling exactly because you have one! You also know the kind of attention it brings you and the sense of superiority it lends as you drive your Enfield on the roads; it is almost like a statement you’re making through sheer personality! We know your Royal Enfield is a highly prized possession for you and also surely know that you would want the best for it. We understand that owners of such luxurious vehicles are susceptible to unjustifiably higher quotes of insurance premiums under the pretext of the brand value. We do not wish that you be discouraged by unwarranted and high insurance policy quotes. Therefore, we bring to you tips to arrive at legitimately rationalized insurance quotes for your royal enfield. Read them all.

1. Higher policy tenure to lower the premium value

It would be wiser to increase your budget and have a longer policy tenure. In doing so you will not only be avoiding the hassle of having to renew your insurance frequently, but also you will have a reduced amount of premium. Longer duration policy covers result in lower premium values.

2. Lower the risk with security features

When you get security features such as anti-theft, vandalism, and so on; you are lowering the perceived risk of your bike by covering it against any incidental damages. Insurance providers offer discounted rates of premiums in such cases. Make sure that the security features you wish to install on your royal enfield is approved by the Automotive Research Association of India.

3. Rationalize your add-ons

Add-ons are additional protection features you add to your insurance policy – such as getting another frequent user of your bike included in the cover, road-side assistance, depreciation, return-to-invoice, etc. Think over the necessity of these add-ons very critically before you choose to add them to your insurance basket; they come at a price and increase the value of premium to be paid.

4. Get a Depreciation cover

It is wise to invest in a Depreciation cover that saves you the depreciation cost on the repair and replacement expenses of the components of your expensive Royal Enfield.

5. Present yourself as a low-risk

Maintaining a positive driving record, one with minimal or no records of fines and previous accidental claim incidences, presents you as a low-risk customer to the insurance provider. Insurance providers offer attractive quotes to such low-risk customers..

6. Insulate your NCB benefit for the possibility of an inevitable claim

Avoiding making claims for superficial issues such as small scratches or minor damages in the hope of redeeming the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) may be relatively easier for other bikes; but let’s not take chances with your Royal Enfield. It would be wise if you can insulate your NCB with an NCB protector – an add-on you can purchase at a nominal rate. It will protect your NCB benefit in case you need to make a claim during the policy period.

7. Compare before choosing

We cannot stress enough on this basic tip for anyone looking to get his/her vehicle insured. There are multiple online platforms available today where you can easily check out the policy terms and compare them across various providers. We are sure you should be able to identify the best quote for your Royal Enfield.

Make the investment that is worthwhile

Avoiding getting your two-wheeler insurance is certainly not a wise investment decision; especially if it a prized possession and one where you’ve put in a lot of money! A carefully chosen insurance package will after all come at a fraction of the cost of the considerably larger amount of money you have invested in purchasing the vehicle itself! Lastly, a word of advice – You may want to find the best quotes for your Royal Enfield insurance but make sure you purchase it from reputed and reliable providers such as us to have a positive experience.