The Best Knives for Your Medical Use and Hunting

The Best Knives for Your Medical Use and Hunting

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Depending on what you’re looking to do, some knives will be better equipped for a task than others. With so many knives to choose from, how are you supposed to know what type to buy? Below are a couple of the most obscure knife uses and the knife that matches the task best.


When it comes to medical knives, it is best to look for a small thin blade. The knife should have a handle that is easy to grip so that the person using it can be as precise in their cuts as possible. Whenever you can, it is best to buy knives with metal blades for medical purposes. The most common metals used in medical knives include steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, and gold.


Hunting knives are often used to gut kills after they are shot with a gun or arrow. There are many hunting knives on the market that have different features, but which features are best? Generally speaking, fixed (rather than folding) knives tend to work better. This makes them stronger and easier to use.

What type of metal the blade should be made out all depends on how often you should use it. If you hardly ever use the knife, stainless steel will be fine. Carbon steel usually holds up better. Either way, make sure to sharpen your knife before using it to keep it in the best possible condition. Also relating to the blade, keep an eye on how much the blade bends. A hunting knife used for birds or fish should have a little bend to it. Knives used to gut large mammals should be more fixed.

Whether you need a medical knife to dissect a frog in a college biology class or if you need a hunting knife to turn a prize deer into venison meat, these knife tips can help to make your task a little easier. So, get shopping today to pick out the knife that best fits your needs.