Signs It Time To Migrate To VPS Hosting

Signs It Time To Migrate To VPS Hosting

Shared hosting is a perfect hosting option for first-timers hosting a webpage. The only issue one can face is the exhaustion of resources due to sudden traffic spikes.

Sticking with the shared hosting option just because it is cost-effective or familiar can hamper your performance. You need the next best NZ domain and hosting option, which is cost-effective, ensures performance, and is easily scalable.

NZ VPS offers all these options with better control. Let us understand the signs you must look for to understand the perfect time to migrate to VPS.

Reason Why Webpage Owner Stick Around Shared Hosting

Shared Server offers a shared hosting environment, which makes it an affordable hosting option to begin with. It is a simple and stable hosting option that requires minimal technical expertise.

Most shared hosting providers offer combo plans inclusive of features like email accounts, domain, and website builder which ultimately reduces cost. You get reliable customer support, reducing your trouble with maintenance and security. Overall, affordability, simplicity, and support are what make shared servers so great.

Signs You Need to Migrate to VPS Hosting in NZ

The following are reasons for migration with the benefits of VPS Hosting:

1.      Security

Businesses that are growing have different kinds of server requirements than those that have just started. You need better performance, speed, and, most importantly, robust security.

In shared hosting, your hosting environment is shared; one server attack can disturb the whole environment. On the other VPS server hosting offers dedicated divided space which makes it a safer hosting option comparatively.

 Further, you get better control that lets you configure and customize better security practices for your hosting environment. Therefore, if security is your primary concern then you need a migration.

2.      Server ERRORS

Noticing frequent server errors from 500-503 is a sign that something needs a change. These errors are indicators that you have exhausted most of your server resources. Therefore, migrating to a VPS server can really come in handy.

 Neglecting these errors for a long period can seriously affect performance, ultimately affecting your search engine ranking.

3.      Better Access to Your Hosting Server

With shared hosting, you don’t get control over root access. If you want to plan for new software, you would also need configuration to customize its functionality. Therefore, VPS migration is a better option.

4.      Spike In Traffic

When your webpage has a sudden spike in webpage traffic and is unable to handle it, then you need a migration. With a VPS server, you get better resources that ensure faster loading speed.

5.      Want to Run an E-commerce Store

You can’t run an ecommerce store using a shared server, as you may face performance limitations and security concerns. For running an e-commerce store, you require robust server resources to handle a high volume of transactions, as well as interaction.

Further, you need a PCI certificate to run an ecommerce store, and in most cases, shared hosting doesn’t match the standard. Therefore if you want to run an e-commerce store, migrating to VPS creates a better scope.


Therefore, migrating to VPS ensures that your webpage performance goes hand in hand with your business growth. A planned upgrade ensures seamless scalability and optimal performance for your webpage. So, choose wisely weigh before you buy your VPS server hosting.