Citations During the COVID 19 Investigation

Citations During the COVID 19 Investigation

Who doesn’t know it now? COVID 19. For several years now, the whole world has been under the spell of the COVID 19 virus. A lot of research is being done to find a solution so that not so many people end up in the ICU. In the meantime, a lot of research has been done and research solutions have been found to protect you. Just think of the vaccines that have been invented. But how are those research solutions found? Do you want to know how an investigation proceeds and what is involved? Then read on.

Research, writing, research, writing

When something unknown arises like 2 years ago in China, there is often a lot of demand for research solutions. However, this can often not be arranged immediately. This is because academics do not always know exactly what the virus is. This makes it difficult to find research solutions because you do not know exactly what the virus does and what the long-term consequences of the virus are. As a result, it always takes some time before research solutions are found.

When an investigation takes place, the main focus is on the sources or results that come from an investigation. These results are always kept in different documents. In order to keep up to date with the research process, the sources and results are often quoted. This is possible, for example, with a citation manager. A citation manager then ensures that all your results are quoted and stored.

Why is tracking so important

Using a citation manager during your research is very important. This is because you often need to be able to substantiate your claims. By using a citation manager you have the minutes and evidence of your research. This can prove your claims. In addition, it is important to use citation manager during your research, so that someone else can also build on your claims and results.

Many studies are being conducted. This is because more and more diseases or viruses are emerging that are still unknown. By means of investigations, solutions can be looked for, so that you or your family can be helped easily and quickly when something is wrong. In the past, people could die from measles, mumps, polio, or whooping cough, but nowadays that is no longer possible because all children are vaccinated against it when they are young. This also applies to new diseases, for example the COVID 19, which caused a worldwide pandemic in 2020. Due to multiple possibilities during investigations, it is also possible to find more medicines much faster and more.