Business News: Scanners That Load Mass Materials in Seconds

A new product on the b2b market that is relatively unknown is a miracle device for those that own businesses or are working within the supply chain industry; especially those involved in primary sector industries. It is a truck load management system that scans the weight of the materials to build a cubic measurement of the product, and the results of the scan are immediate.

Business News: Scanners That Load Mass Materials in Seconds

Businesses that deal with the shipment of large quantities of materials need solutions that will speed up their operations. Many companies need to use onsite scales that trucks drive onto. The system then weighs the truck and the measurements are noted.

These systems use the same principle as when someone is weighing ingredients for a recipe being cooked. The bowl is placed on the scales, and the weight of the bowl is subtracted. The weight of ingredients in the bowl can then be determined.

It is a simple solution but causes some delays for supply companies. Firstly, if the weight is wrong, the truck has to drive back to the yard and load more material or unload the material. The original weighing is more of a guess. Some companies will have the truck weight scales very close to the materials in order to reduce the number of times the truck drives on and off the scales. It is a reasonably executed process, but there are still better alternatives.

Using Volume Load Scan Devices Can Reduce Time Taken to Weigh Materials

A Volume Load Scanner is a system that measures the cubic volume of the materials being loaded into a truck. It is also referred to as a volumetric load weighing solution.

You can see here a company that specialises in: Volumetric Scanning.

The idea of this style of load management is to give the shipping companies an instant measurement without any delays. It is a hand operated device, so this means that the vehicle can be loaded and scanned regularly until the correct weight is on board.

Several key advantages stand out here:

  • The volumetric scanning system is hand operated, so can effectively be moved from site to site.
  • There is no need for large industrial sized weighing equipment
  • Scanning is a rapid operation meaning trucks can load and dispatch quickly

Mobile Truck Scales

One of the key points to make about this volumetric scanning device is that it can be taken to any site. The vehicle driver, be this a train driver or a truck driver, will be able to take the volumetric scanning instrument along with them. This is probably one of the key features of this system.

Large truck weighing scales cannot be shipped from site to site with ease. In fact, they are so big that it would lifting equipment and another truck to take them from one site to another. Consequently, the volumetric scanning equipment solves some common issues.

People can get into areas large machinery cannot, so the device is up front and personal. It can scan trucks, train carriages, containers, and many other containment methods used to ship materials. It saves on time because it weighs the materials in a very short space of time and the accuracy of the device means that there are rarely, if any, weight delivery issues.

Volumetric scanning devices are certainly going to be an integral part of the future of the shipments industry whether it is via land, rail, sea or air. They are lightweight portable devices, they save time, they are easy to operate, and they are extremely accurate.