5 Instagrammable Villa Recommendations in Batu Malang in  2024 

5 Instagrammable Villa Recommendations in Batu Malang in  2024 

Batu Malang, a charming destination   in East Java, Indonesia, has always been a magnet  for   adventure seekers hungry for natural beauty and luxury lodging. In  2024 there are   many unforgettable  experiences for tourists who are looking for   villas that are not only comfortable  , but also Instagramable. Below, we have summarized 5 Villas in Batu Malang that  you must consider  visiting in the  coming year.

The Alyssa Villa

The Alyssa Villa After entering The Alyssa Villa, you will immediately feel the alluring traditional Javanese  aura. The walls decorated with beautiful wood carvings  bring a distinctive touch of history. Villa Alyssa is suitable for  large families or groups looking for Villa Rental in Batu City (Sewa Villa di Kota Batu), because it has plenty of space to relax and socialize. For  nature lovers,  the green and lush garden around this villa  is a hidden paradise. It is the perfect place  to relax while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. And of course, don’t miss its unique swimming  pool with natural stone  design that will create an incredible  backdrop  for your  photographs.

Villa Dedayu

Villa Dedayu is the perfect blend  of contemporary design and  admirable traditional touches. The villa’s spacious living  room and  high ceilings create an open and bright atmosphere, giving you plenty of  natural light for the perfect   photographs. In addition, the villa is also equipped with a modern  kitchen, so you can cook your own favorite dishes. The  villa’s dining room  overlooks  a beautiful view  of the  hill, which would be  an ideal    backdrop for romantic  dinner  photos.However, what really sets Villa Dedayu apart is its unforgettable  swimming  pool. It looks as if this  pond blends into  the surrounding  lush forest landscape. Whether you are immersed in the   pool or relaxing on  a lounger  by the  pool,  you will feel as if you are in  your    personal paradisealone.

Villas in Daisha

For those looking for a more intimate and comfortable retreat, Villa Daisha is the perfect choice. Hidden from the crowds, this villa  exudes an  air of tranquility that will be reflected in your  photographs. The architecture of this villa   is a  harmonious blend of Indonesian and Mediterranean  influences, resulting in a unique and  visually appealing space  .  The Instagrammable Courtyard Villa Daisha with a charming gazebo  is surrounded by  lush greenery. It’s  the ideal  place to have afternoon tea or capture the perfect candid  moment. Rooms are   well decorated with a combination of  natural colours and  brightly  coloured touches, ensuring  every corner is photograph-friendly.

The Shafa Villa

  For those who appreciate modern  aesthetics and clean lines, The Shafa Villa is a  must-visit  .  This contemporary villa  prioritizes minimalism and luxury. Its sleek  design, which is complemented by panoramic  windows, allows natural light to fill the  room, creating a  bright  and bright atmosphere. The Shafa Villa offers a  superb rooftop terrace  with stunning views of Batu Malang.  It’s perfect for sunset  photo sessions or stargazing  at  night. The    villa’s monochromatic  color scheme  and  stylish furnishings provide  an elegant backdrop  for your Instagram  stories.Capture the  beauty of this villa  as you relax in the cozy living room or soak in  the  private pool.

Villa Lumina

Villa Lumina Last, but certainly not last,  we have Villa Lumina, a hidden gem located amidst  the  green nature of Batu Malang. The villa  offers a tranquil retreat where you can soak up the  beauty of nature without having to sacrifice comfort and style. What makes this villa  special is that the bedrooms are surrounded by   glass walls, bringing you closer to   the beauty of nature outside. Villa Lumina has an Instagrammable suspension bridge that connects different parts of the villa, providing a beautiful backdrop  for your  photos. Whether you’re relaxing in a  hammock, enjoying a meal  in an  alfresco dining area, or exploring beautiful alleyways  , every moment is a photo opportunity. 


Batu Malang not only offers mesmerizing  views, but also a variety of villas suitable  for various tastes and preferences. From  traditional Javanese  charm to modern  elegance, these 5 Villas in Batu Malang (Villa di Batu Malang) promise an Instagrammable experience in  2024. So, get your  camera ready, adventurous spirit, and get ready to create memories that will amaze your Instagram   followers.