Key Criteria for Choosing Corporate Gifts

Key Criteria for Choosing Corporate Gifts

Choosing corporate gifts is not as easy as choosing the one for your close ones. Meeting and working together with your co-workers in your office does not mean they are all your friends. So, when it comes to giving gifts for your co-workers, this might be a little bit confusing. However, you can follow these tips below to choose the right and proper corporate gifts.

Do not Be Too Much

You probably purpose to impress your co-workers or boss by giving them a luxurious and expensive gift. But this can represent that you are trying to ‘buy’ loyalty or good relationship with them. Expensive gift is not a much. It will be better if you buy an affordable yet appropriate gift. Give a gift to show your gratitude and appreciation to your boss or co-workers because they have been working together with you for a long time and creating a great team.

Carefully Choose the Gift

The gift you give to your boss or co-workers should not be as personal as the one you gift to your family or lover. However, give a gift which represents that you know your co-workers well. For example, if they are an Australian or love anything related to Australia, you can give them Australian corporate gifts. Such as Yijan Aboriginal scarf, Aboriginal framed art, floral kangaroo leather clutch, and many more. You can also give presents according to their hobbies. But if you are still confused, choose safe gifts that can be used in the office. For instance, an organizer, pen, and so on.

Do not Forget the Culture in Your Office

Do not make the gift exchange event as a joke. No matter what kind of gift you give to your co-workers or boss, consider the cultures and value applied in your office. For example, if your office does not allow employees to work while getting drunk, do not ever give a bottle of wine as a gift. Moreover, do not give an offensive or silly gift. Secondhand items, lingerie, or underwear are a big no for a gift.

Those are the criteria and tips to choose and buy the right and proper corporate gifts. For some inspirations, you can buy your boss a parcel of fruits or cookies as a gift. For your co-workers, you can give them a voucher for their favorite coffee shop, iTunes gift card, and so on. Are you ready to find the most appropriate corporate gifts?