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Top Business News Today

With the advancement of technology, it has become possible to keep abreast of the latest trends in economic and business news. Business news also enables people to participate in politics and public affairs. The lack of interest in the topic has led to a general lack of recognition and appreciation for economic and business issues. Media plays an important role in focusing business news India. Its role lies in providing unbiased and factual information to citizens.

Therefore, it is important to keep yourself up-to-date on economic issues and technology.

Changes in the job-for-life model

The notion of a ‘job for life’ is fast becoming an oxymoron. The IT industry alone experiences a high rate of labour turnover. Whilst there are several reasons for labour turnover, most have little to do with organisational success. Employers can still take steps to increase their retention rate, but most of them don’t involve salary. This article looks at the reasons why the job-for-life model is going out of fashion.

For the most part, the current generation does not view work as permanent. They question the assumptions of their work commitments and resent the idea of being tied to a desk.

Furthermore, they value freedom of movement, including the right to decide where to work. These changes in the job-for-life model may cause employers to reconsider their work practices to adapt to the changing workforce. This article considers the future of work in the context of the modern age.

Changes in the stock market

Despite the escalating price of oil, the global economy remains on track. The soaring price of energy is weighing on global stock markets. Energy prices are already higher than a year ago. And while the European Union is preparing for a possible recession, this situation is unlikely to

deter the market …

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