Developments in Technologies - Let Each Business Use Messages On-Hold!

Developments in Technologies – Let Each Business Use Messages On-Hold!

After hearing impressive-sounding messages on-hold at bigger companies, a lot of small shops, modest healthcare practice, or home-based business owners might have thought of playing promotional messages on-hold for their callers only to become frustrated in their efforts to acquire them implemented with the single-line or multi-line telephones they presently use. They can take heart. It appears that technologies have smiled on them!

There was a time when the capability of playing music & messages for callers on-hold was reserved only for businesses that could afford the expense or warrant the space needed for Key Service Unit (KSU) or PBX telephone systems. The advent of telephone-audio or music-on-hold (MOH) adapters several years ago brought on-hold messaging to home-based and other little businesses, which we’re using single-line, two-line, or four-line phones. As the number of companies opting to take advantage of this powerful form of advertising grew, manufacturers of telephone-audio adapters began investing more money into development, resulting in innovation, improved quality, and reliability, as well as compatibility with a wider range of telephone, makes, and models.

Following a steady increase in the number of home-based businesses, the economic challenges of the last few years have spawned a dramatic rise in “bedroom offices”. Also, a lot of little companies operating in commercial office space have had to defer upgrading to business telephone systems. But without a doubt, these companies are eager to harness the selling potential of professionally produced messages on-hold and to present the authoritative image they provide. Nowadays, virtually any telephone with a hold and/or flash button can be adapted for music & messages on-hold, including cordless phones, or even a mixture of cordless and corded phones from differing manufacturers.

This has meant really good news for professional audio production companies specializing in custom message on-hold productions, which strive …

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