Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked

Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked
Breaking the Automotive Market, Suzuki Introduces GSX 125 Fairing and Naked

Suzuki Launches GSX 125 Full Fairing and Naked – To penetrate the global automotive market, Suzuki, which coincided with European motorbike exhibitions in Europe 2016, finally launched the new GSX-R125 fairing version and the naked version of the GSX-S125. Previously, Suzuki had displayed both models at the beginning of last year, through yesterday’s Intermot event. Suzuki claims that the GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 are the thinnest 125 CC motors in its class. When this is present in the Suzuki GSX-S125 Wheels Motorcycles variant at an affordable price. You can bring home the Suzuki GSX-S125 with a price range of £ 3.995. What are you waiting for, immediately buy the Suzuki GSX-S125 only in Wheels Motorcycles

It was also reported that the Suzuki New GSX-R125 and GSX-S125 were present and were equipped with a 124.4 CC engine, a four-cylinder valve, and a DOHC type. Suzuki offers strength to weight ratio and torque to weight ratio, to create acceleration and best-in-class fuel economy. The front brake is inhabited by two pistons and a petal disc. Suzuki also pinned ABS and conventional front suspension.

In this case, Suzuki offers a motorcycle with three body color choices for both, such as metallic blue triton, brilliant white, and deep black. This motorcycle has keyless ignition, a fully digital speedometer, and LED lights. More detailed information about specifications will soon be released by Suzuki.

On the other hand, the presence of the Suzuki GSX R125 and GSX S125 will certainly strengthen competition among manufacturers that play 125cc motorized sport motorcycles. One of the closest opponents of the two that was also recently launched at Intermot is Aprilia Tuono 125 and RS125. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer is also equipped with a 124 cc engine, DOHC, and one four-stroke cylinder.

By adopting the Aprilia Tuono 1100, Tuno 125 is known to rely on aluminum chassis and disc braking system which has a diameter of 300 mm in the front wheels and 220 mm in the rear wheels. Enhancements include a USB port and storage space.… READ MORE ..

Can You Boost Your Company’s Business?

Can You Boost Your Company's Business?

Whether you are the CEO or the Mail person, the company can benefit by your input. Your input is what you think can grow the company. It doesn’t matter whether the company deals in physical products or something like computer programs or music or whatever.

Ideas of yesterday became the inventions of today. Everything starts with an idea. Anyone in the company can come up with ideas for the company. Computers, copy machines, cell phones and on and on were not here 50 or so years ago. The things we see today will have a different look or be gone altogether tomorrow.

Businesses that except new ideas today will lead the way. Ideas or inventions from their own workforce or from outside will give a company the edge in the future.

As an analogy: let’s look at a town where the city fathers don’t want any new businesses into town. They are very comfortable with status quot. Everything will go along fine for a while. As the kids start moving away because there is no jobs for them, the town starts to decline.

A business that does not accept new ideas is doomed. Unless you are providing food or water and you have the market cornered in the desert, almost everything else can be taken away by competition. Growing and open mindedness go hand in hand.

I am here to open the doors that are shut and grease the ones that are open. I find to many companies will not accept new ideas. It will take a concerted effort by open minded employees to show the way.

For those that are locked into a company that will not look forward, you must find a way. Just look at all the icon companies that have gone under because they kept doing what they did so well for so many years.

Companies that embrace innovation will lead the way into tomorrow. Looking at any suggestions, and a way to incorporate them into the companies plan, will open new monetary doors.

Company leaders that will give credit to employees for submitting suggestions just shows that they are great leaders. Give someone an at-a-boy letter and they will display it proudly, and tell everyone about it. A sincere thank you to the employee will return ten fold what it took to write it, and it cost very little to do it.

Are your companies leaders on the right track? By the way, I dislike using the term managers. People want to be led not managed. If you are the top dog, it’s your responsibility to let your leadership feelings trickle down. You want the leaders under you to be open to their employees.

It is the subordinates responsibility to try to educate the leaders above them. Pointing out that they are on a dead end road unless they embrace change.

I think most employees have a loyalty to their company. They want the company to prosper, so they can prosper. With the … READ MORE ..

How To Get A Perfect Price Quote For Toyota Fortuner Insurance

How To Get A Perfect Price Quote For Toyota Fortuner Insurance

The Toyota Fortuner is one of the most stylish and powerful cars available in the market right now. It has an engine displacement of 2755 cc and 2694 cc in diesel and petrol versions, six-speed intelligent manual transmission, and seven seats. The diesel version is currently priced at INR 29.84 lakh and the petrol version is priced at INR 27.83 lakh. If you want to protect this prized possession from unfortunate events, buying the right car insuranceplan is essential. 

How To Get A Perfect Price Quote For Toyota Fortuner Insurance

Getting the perfect price quote for your Toyota Fortuner car insurance

Finding the right price quote for your four-wheeler insurance is the very first step of investing in the best policy. You can start by checking the websites of your preferred insurance companies to know if they offer any policy for the Toyota Fortuner. You will also find the cost of premium and details about the cover on the sites. You can then compare them to determine which one is the most suitable insurance plan for you.

You can also find the Fortuner insurance price by using the insurance quote comparison websites. These websites are specifically designed to provide you information regarding the insurance quotes. By using them, you can find an insurance policy that provides a comprehensive cover for your new car.

How to buy the car insurance policy

To buy a car insurance policy for your Toyota Fortuner, you can visit a branch of your chosen insurance company or you can purchase the policy online. Buying an insurance policy online is a time- saving and simple process.

Follow these steps to purchase the insurance policy you need:

  1. Visit the site and select the ’buy’ option
  2. Enter personal and vehicle-related details
  3. Select any add-on cover you need
  4. Check the policy detail
  5. Pay online ( Debit/credit/Netbanking)
  6. Receive the policy documents by e-mail

 Types of car insurance policies

When looking for the Toyota Fortuner insurance price quotes, you will notice that there are two different kinds of covers available for you, which include a third-party and comprehensive cover.

  • Third-party insurance

This is the mandatory minimum cover you need to buy as a car owner. This policy covers any damages to third-party properties and injury or death of any person caused by your vehicle. However, this policy does not cover any damages to yourself or your vehicle.

  • Comprehensive insurance

This insurance cover is designed to provide protection against not only the third-party damages but also any damages to your Toyota Fortuner or yourself. With this cover, you will receive financial assistance in case of harm or complete loss of the car. The cover also offers compensation for the policyholder’s injury or death. both Comprehensive and Third Party insurance includes mandatory personal accident cover for owner-driver with a premium of a particular amount per year, for which the owner-driver is liable to receive a sum assured amount of Rs15 lakhs in case of death or any injury. both Comprehensive and Third Party insurance includes mandatory personal accident cover for owner-driver with a premium of … READ MORE ..

6 Event Planning Tips In Dubai That You Never Learned In School

6 Event Planning Tips In Dubai That You Never Learned In School
6 Event Planning Tips In Dubai That You Never Learned In School

In every successful event, there is a huge effort of hard working event planners. They give their all to pull out a flawless event. Because at the end of the day, it is their duty to transform client vision into reality.

Events are an essential part of dubai’s corporate world. Big brands and corporations organized events from time to time in order to launch a product or appreciate the employee’s efforts. So there is always a big competition among event management companies in dubai to capture the most share in the market.  There are many types of events that take place in the city, but the most common ones are corporate and social events.

  • Corporate Events – These events are mostly business-oriented and are in the form of workshops, conferences, seminars and trade shows.
  • Social Events – These events are best to spend some quality time with employees, friends and family members. These events mostly consist of dancing, singing and chit chat.

So what are some of the main event planning tips that you need to follow in order to beat the competition?

Data Is Everything

Making friendship with data is very critical in the event management business. Whatever decision you make should be backed by data. Data will help you to learn from your failures and improve your skills as an event planner. Because if you know something worked for you in the past you can easily replicate it. It is only possible if you have quantifiable metrics with you. Data metrics are also very helpful when you give a presentation to the client. If the client is asking you to do something that didn’t work in the past, you can present the data to convince the client.

Creativity Is King

Creativity is key when organizing large scale events. Without innovation and imagination, you don’t a chance to impress a large audience. Creativity is something in which event companies in dubai are very good and you will see some outstanding events right coming from dubai.

You should consult with all your suppliers and vendors who are responsible for the visual appeal of the event. Everyone should show their A game while synchronizing all efforts.

Culture Understanding Is Must Have Skill

It is a sign of a professional event planner to understand the local culture, sentiments and traditions of the place where the event is taking place. You should master this trait if you want to become a successful event organizer in dubai. Because people of more than 180 countries are living in UAE and every country has their distinct culture and traditions. If you know the essence of their culture then most probably you have a chance to win audiences’ hearts.

Photography and Videography Is Everything

Social media plays an important role in our lives nowadays because this is a platform where friends and family members spend most of their time. As an event organizer, you can’t ignore social media so photography and videography should on point so … READ MORE ..

Entrepreneurs – What Can You Expect in a Business Life Cycle?

Entrepreneurs - What Can You Expect in a Business Life Cycle?

Have you ever wondered where you business is? How much life it still has and what you can expect in the next few years. Well here is the life cycle of a business and what must you be particularly careful about?

Concept:  This is when you are thinking about what kind of business you want. What it will look like and what you will sell. This period can last for many years – depending on how quick the entrepreneur is to get to the next stage. Card must be taken to ensure that you are starting a business that people actually want to buy from. Many business ideas never get to be fully fledged businesses – either due to lack of entrepreneur enthusiasm or from difficultly in finding enough funding.

Start up: During this time you will be obtaining funding, finding premises, manufacturers, staff and wholesalers and generally setting up your business.  This is really the most exciting time and sets the foundation for the success or not of your future business. Great care must be taken to manage your cash flow and ensure that you have a properly structured company.

Youngster: This is a period of learning and when your business is most likely to fail as many do. A successful business will understand its market and how to ensure that its products meet their needs. During this period you must be ready to quickly change to meet the needs of your customers.

Mature: Your business will now be firmly established, your cash flow consistent and your profits comfortable. You need to ensure that you do not get too bloated with too many staff or too many products. Similarly you need to ensure that your company is able to quickly and efficiently make changes to meet market changes.

Struggling: These are companies that have not headed the lessons mentioned above. Maybe their products are now out of date, they have too many staff and their cash flow is erratic. In recessionary times obtaining credit may be a problem. A large competitor may have stolen your market share. These are companies that are ripe for take-overs or mergers. Many are not that lucky and sadly pass on.… READ MORE ..